We have developed a global reputation for high quality, technical expertise, flexibility, innovative techniques, personal services and a powerful combination of capabilities and technologies.

Specialist in IT Consulting Services

Indibird has been in the forefront of the region's ITeS industry with an energetic combination of professional expertise and youth. Since its inception in 2008, it has gained a reputation as a specialist for IT Consulting Services & Training, Business Intelligence Management and Imaging Technologies.

Indibird serves large and fast growing organizations who share a common set of objectives:

  • Increase profitability and efficiency by doing more with less
  • Rapidly and effectively respond to changing market demands, thereby improving organizational agility
  • Leverage IT as a strategic driver for competitive advantage, not just as a business utility

Consistent and High Quality Services

Quality systems and procedures have been carefully evolved and adopted at every stage to assure consistent and high quality services to our clients. We are known for the thoroughness, flexibility, and responsiveness of our project management. We work hard to tailor solutions that fit each client and each project with a drive to deliver quality on time.

We will put together a very strong team to offer the below mentioned services in the most effective and competitive way for Domestic and International Market. With the Team’s progressive ideologies and world-class expertise we should be able to support the company in successfully fulfilling IT and IT Enabled requirements for Govt. Sectors, PSUs, MNCs, Corporate Houses and the SME segments, especially in the field of:

Electronic Document & Content Management Solutions

Digitization & Imaging Technology

GIS Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Form Processing (ICR / OCR)

Data Mining & Porting.

Vectorization & CAD Services

Knowledge Management Solutions

Let's get you STARTED

Let us show you the way how Indibird Technologies can assist you leverage IT solutions, to stay pace and acquire ahead in exponentially dynamical world of doing business.