Converts and organizes your content to create electronic documents and get it ready for tomorrow’s technology.

Delivering Flawless Data Digitization Services

Indibird helps you with resources to preserve the data and make it easily retrievable by offering document digitization services- professional scanning services, document indexing services and document archival solutions.

Document Digitization: Scanning, Data entry and processing of the documents and delivering processed data in the specified format from scanned images received through FTP.

Form Processing: Undertaking specific complete business processes from form designing, capturing data written / printed, data processing and report generation for various applications.

Hard copy, microfilm scanning and conversion into digitized formats

Data Entry, Data capture, indexing and archiving.

CAD conversion

Digital imaging - Image editing, cropping and enhancement.

eBook format conversion.

Document conversion.


Other Data Conversion Services

Indibird converts and organizes your content to create electronic documents, populate data bases, publish on the web, and get it ready for tomorrow’s technology. To convert printed matter, e.g. book, yellow pages or other documents in electronic format, like Word of PDF document or as database records. This is achieved doing manual key-entry or using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process, depending upon the application and document quality.

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