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GIS Enabled Solutions

Our solutions are a combination of products and services that includes data collection, editing tools, storage, search and decision support systems, accessible on many platforms including desktop, web and mobile. Now entrepreneurs can instantaneously know what’s happening anywhere and everywhere in their business, act on it with confidence and recast their industry paradigms.

Our GIS enabled solutions empower decision makers across various streams to design effective strategies for their stakeholders redefining the practices of age-old industries through timely and accurate information.

Fleet Management

Making fleets efficient, productive and faster. Our world-class fleet management system enables enterprises with varied fleet sizes to achieve business excellence in a timely & cost-effective manner while ensuring safety of drivers and vehicles.

Skedulomatic Field Force Management

Enabling optimal efficiency of the field force. Our GIS enabled systems provide real-time location, travel and time information about all members of the field force. With planning resources, analytics tools and performance metrics, your team can operate at its highest potential

Network Management

An organization’s success is directly related to the robustness of its network. Our network management tools power business to the next level by providing an extremely granular and detailed perspective of what’s happening on ground.

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